Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Dreamliner arrives in Morocco

It's finally done! After months of waiting, Royal Air Morocco (RAM) has taken ​​the first delivery of four B787 Dreamliner aircraft ordered the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

It will be a B787 - when it grows up!

On this occasion, a formal presentation has been scheduled next Monday at the Mohammed V airport in Casablanca.



David said...

Looks like a 747 to me. 787s don't have the hump.

Tugboat Willie said...

Cannot understand why you give so much coverage to RAM: terrible service record, hugely overpriced and losing 18 million MAD a week. Losers on all counts

Zizou said...

They did not receive it. In fact it is still unsure when they will. The 787 that was in Casa was the last leg of the "Dreamliner world tour".