Friday, May 18, 2012

The International Capitol of the Lute

The international capital of the lute is, according to the organisers of the lute - Tetouan.

Organized by the Ministry of Culture, the International Lute Festival of Tetouan is becoming increasingly important in the artistic landscape of Morocco and the Euro-Mediterranean This crucible of meetings, exchanges, music and friendliness has become, over time, a meeting place for artists and musicians from all over the world. 

Younnes Fakhar 
Since its inception, this artistic and cultural event has seen over forty nationalities of quality musicians who captivated the audience of Tetouan with very sophisticated creations where the lute is a master at each service. Sadly it doers not get wide publicity, however, tomorrow Saturday 19th, the final concert will be worth attending.

Marcel Khalifa

Held at the Theatre Espagnol at 2100, the performances will include Moroccan lute master Younnes Fakhar and the great Libyan musician Marcel Khalifa. 


The 11th Mawazine Festival has just kicked off in Rabat. It runs until the 26th.
For more great music, check out Morocco's top festival -  Fez Festival of World Sacred Music.
June is music month in Morocco so make a note of the dates 21st to 24th  - This is the fabulous African roots explosion - the Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essaouira. In its 15th year, it just gets bigger and better.
For jazz fans the dates to remember are 13th to 17th of June when the Chellah Jazz Music Festival gives Rabat a shakeup.


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