Monday, May 21, 2012

Moroccan Americans Take Issue With Royal Air Maroc Prices

Moroccan's living in America have been protesting for years about the cost of tickets from America to Morocco. Now they have taken the extraordinary step of writing an open letter to Morocco's Prime Minister.

So what are the facts? The View from Fez shopped around with various airlines for a round trip from New York to Casablanca for a single adult (economy), departing Friday May 25 and returning Thursday May 31 (dates were chosen at random). The prices below are per passenger, including taxes.

The results? 

Lufthansa - $1,135
Iberia        - $1,163
Air France -$1,182
Delta         - $1,292
KLM        -  $2,770

Royal Air Maroc - $3562

In fairness, there are even more expensive flights available, but the disparity between the reasonably priced flights and the Royal Air Maroc price indicates that Moroccans living in America may well have a point.

However, given the availability of cheaper options why are the Moroccan Americans not simply booking with other airlines?



ajb240 said...

In theory, shouldn't the national airline strive to offer the best prices for travel to Morocco.

But I think the writer is saying that flights from the USA to other int'l destinations of a relatively comparable distance are often much cheaper than going to Morocco.

Brenda said...

Very good point. It seems strange that the airline prices itself out of the market for its own people.

tagalong said...

When British Airways was allowed flights to Morocco, there were some good prices. After they were banned the prices went up including RAM...just eliminate the number one competition and they have it made. Greed-based laws.

tagalong said...

When British Airways was allowed to fly they were very popular because the prices were good. Morocco banned them and the prices for RAM went up, very simple just ban your number one competition.