Saturday, May 19, 2012

Moroccan Kaftan 2012 - Inspired by Ibn Battuta

Kaftan 2012 - the most prestigious traditional fashion show in Morocco, this year drew inspiration from the great traveller Ibn Battuta. It was the 16th edition of the annual fashion event in Marrakech, showcasing 12 established designers and two newcomers foreshadowing upcoming trends inspired by the traditional Moroccan kaftan.

The 16th edition of the event took place on Saturday 12th May at the Palais des Congress and was an opportunity for 12 designers - including Cain Allah El Batoul, Dar Oum Al Ghait and Siham El Habti - to highlight their talents.

"The treasures of Ibn Battuta" was the event’s theme, named after a prominent Moroccan traveler known for his adventures and voyages from Tangier. Ibn Battuta went to Haj in 1304 before setting on a world tour that took him to many countries in the Middle and Far East.

The kaftan, which is said to have originated from Iran, has become an icon of traditional Moroccan fashion and sophistication.

Myriam Jebbor, director and editor of the woman's monthly magazine "Femmes du Maroc," which supports the event, said the event attempts to surprise the Moroccan audience on an artistic level as well as meeting the event’s annual theme.

"Each edition is an individual one. Every time, we want to surprise the Moroccan public, on an artistic level. This year, we chose ‘The treasures of Ibn Battuta’ as a theme. We wanted to go back to origins and discover, through Ibn Battuta's travels, various countries and cultures," Jebbor said.

The show featured performances and artistic intervals from Ibn Battuta’s travels from Egypt, Turkey as well as Russia and a number of other countries. Some of the collections were designed by some of the most celebrated names in Moroccan Haute Couture.

Each kaftan is created delicately with hours of meticulous work by dozens of traditional artisans. Some of the collections display oriental influences.

Jais Zinoun, a choreographer and former soloist with the San Francisco ballet who has graced many of the world's stages, helped stage the show.

"These countries have an enormous wealth, both in dancing and in music. I invited some artists who will represent some countries such as Georgia and China. I used a lot of choreography because I am a choreographer and dancer myself and was inspired by the travelling theme."

Proceeds from the show will be donated to two children's charities.



Anonymous said...

C'est vrai qu'Ibn Batata était un grand couturier!

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jaloux , beaux caftans commed'hab