Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bjork – “All is well”


Rumours have been circulating amongst festival-goers that Bjork’s appearance this Friday night at Bab Al Makina will be cancelled. Now The View from Fez can bring you the good news. Vanessa Bonnin reports.

The reason behind the rumours is the announcement on her website that she has cancelled her appearances at a multitude of festivals, such as Primavera Sound in Spain, Optimus Primavera Sound in Portugal, Colours of Ostrava in the Czech Republic, Balaton Sound in Hungary and Afisha Picnic in Russia.

“After two weeks of voice rest I went to my vocal doctor and she came to this conclusion: I need to rest for six more weeks. The good news is that we both feel pretty confident I can start singing fully healed in the middle of June" - Bjork’s statement on May 10th 

Which is now. However when The View From Fez heard the rumours and questioned Festival director Zeyba Rahman on Monday, she said: “Bjork has cancelled everything until July except her appearance in Fes. She is arriving tomorrow and will be doing voice checks, after which a decision will be made.”

When approached for an update on the condition of Bjork’s voice yesterday, Rahman said “All is well.”

This is good news for the Festival and for her many fans – many of who have been waiting to purchase their tickets because of cancellation fears.

To give you a taste of the ideas behind Bjork’s show ‘Biophilia’, here she explains in her own words.

“Welcome to Biophilia – the love for nature in all her manifestations, from the tiniest organism to the greatest red giant floating in the farthest realm of the universe.

“With Biophilia comes a restless curiosity, an urge to investigate and discover the elusive places where we meet nature, where she plays on our senses with colours and forms, perfumes and smells – the taste and touch of salty wind on the tongue.

“But much of nature is hidden from us, that we can neither see nor touch, such as the one phenomena that can be said to move us more than any other in our daily lives – sound.

“Sound harnessed by human beings, delivered with generosity and emotion, is what we call music. And just as we use music to express parts of us that would otherwise be hidden, so too can we use technology to make visible much of nature’s invisible world.

“In Biophilia you will experience how the three come together – nature, music, technology. Listen, learn and create. Travel the cosmos lying at your fingertips, touch the galaxies and move through their three dimensions.

“Now, forget the size of the human body. Remember that you are a gateway between the universal and the microscopic. The unseen forces that steer the depths of your innermost being and nature, who embraces you and all there is.

“We are on the brink of a revolution that will reunite humans with nature through new technological innovations. Until we get there, prepare, explore, Biophilia.”

(Quote transcribed from a voice recording on Bjork’s website, bjork.com)


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