Friday, August 17, 2012

124 Year-Old Moroccan Shares Secrets of Longevity

Taki el Mehdi, the oldest living Moroccan just celebrated his 124th birthday in Ouarzazate. On this occasion, the man delivered the secrets of his longevity.

Taki el Mehdi at 124

Taki el Mehdi is healthy. He watches what he eats and mainly consumes natural products. "I eat  healthy and natural food, including soup made of barley and wheat," he said. This elderly farmer lives with his family in a small house in a humble neighbourhood of Ouarzazate, close to the desert, where the thermometer often reads 40 degrees in the shade.

Despite his advanced years, the thin-faced man still walks with only a cane. He says he has never set foot in a hospital. The most impressive thing is that his memory is still intact. El Mehdi Taki is able, without hesitation, to recite his family tree, saying that one of his ancestors was Moulay Ali Cherif, the founder of the Alawite dynasty of Morocco. He also remembers, "the Second World War very well and the worst famine, which hit Morocco seriously in 1941," while the country was under the French protectorate.

The View from Fez wishes him a happy birthday!



Anonymous said...

C'est comme un arbre qui cache la forêt ! En moyenne les hommes marocains vivent en grande moyenne dans les 60 ans par excès ou par défaut. C'est dire que tout n'est pas au top (infrastructures en relation avec la santé, niveau de vie, hygiène, sécurité sociale...etc.) pour allonger la durée de vie des gens dans ce pays pourtant magnifique!

Anonymous said...

The oldest living person is 115, the oldest ever recorded person was 122.5

Not Cynic said...

@Anonymous You are such a cynic... Being old is not a competition. Just because you only know a 115 year old... well, now you know and older person!

Anonymous said...

Congratulions to Mr. El Mehdi!
124 years old and still going strong. Wow. Taki has probably a better memory than I have and I am 34 years old. And also a better fysical condition. I am very inspired by this man. I will try not to go to the Mc Donalds and Burger King this week (No, I don't have high goals in live) and to eat only salads and vegetables. Maybe this will be a first step to a more healty and longer life. Maybe. Thank you for sharing this article.