Thursday, August 23, 2012

Faces in the Medina ~ Australian Radio Stars in Fez

You can imagine the astonisment of a couple of members of The View from Fez team, when they encountered two of Australian Radio's living legends dining at Fez Cafe in the Medina. Rod Muir and his wife, Kathy, in company with 'Uncle Doug' ("I'll cop you later") Mulray and his wife Liz.

We recently wrote about how Australians and New Zealanders are coming to Morocco in droves. It seems to be true.

Rod Muir

It must have been around 1980 when Rod Muir changed the sound of Australian radio. It was back then that he flicked the switch that sent 2MMM to air. Over the next decades he became the radio "boss of bosses" with an ear for the best talent and great programming. While Mulray (and a member of The View from Fez team) worked with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Double J (later Tripple J) it was Muir who poached Mulray and our talented friend (and former colleague) Stuart Cranney away from the ABC.

Rod Muir (left) and broadcaster Stuart Cranney
Rod is in Fez, staying at the fabulous Riad Laaroussa with broadcaster and comedian Doug Mulray and his wife Liz (Rod Muir's sister). On their Moroccan journey they have visited Marrakech and are now enjoying the Fez Medina.

Doug Mulray

For our Australian readers, a quick reminder about "Uncle Doug". One of the distinctive features of his Triple J / Triple M shows was its cast of fictional characters and comedy skits. One of his best known was Jack Africa, a permanently paranoid chap who was constantly convinced that the chooks (Australian slang for chickens) were out to get him. Also featured were the Prime Mincer, a parody of Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke (which originated on Triple J as a parody of former PM Malcolm Fraser, voiced by Ken Stirling)), and Gloria, a parody of Sydney AM radio talkback host Alan Jones. Others included Hymie Fymie, who made an art form of using the phrase "son of a bitch", and Madam Zenda, whose cosmic predictions of the future were accompanied by the punning entreaty, "Cross my palm with saliva".

Doug in a Fez!

One of the strange coincidences is that The View from Fez has a rather blurred photograph of Doug wearing a Fez! Today he told us, he bought the genuine article. We wish them a happy stay in Morocco.

A genuine Fez for 'Uncle Doug'


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