Thursday, August 02, 2012

Morocco's Deadly Road Toll Rises Again

Morocco's road toll has risen again after another horror crash outside Marrakech. A collision between a bus and a lorry has killed at least 12 people and left one critically injured, the official MAP news agency reported.

Morocco's road safety record takes another battering

The crash took place late on Tuesday near the town of Youssoufia, 37 kilometres (22 miles) north of Marrakesh, when the lorry driver lost control of his vehicle after one of its tyres got punctured.

The original death toll of 11 rose, when one of two critically injured victims died in hospital, the report said.

Police arrested the driver, who was lightly injured.

Morocco has a poor road safety record, with accidents claiming 4,000 or more lives each year, according to official figures.

A bus crash in southwestern Morocco earlier last month killed 16 people, among them several foreigners.

Visitors to Morocco who intend travelling by bus are recommended to always use the CTM line as it has a very good safety record.


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Anonymous said...

Quand on sait comment sont obtenus les permis et comment conduisent très mal les marocains, c'est un miracle s'il n' y a que 4000 morts par an!
Lamentable de tous les points de vue, hélas...
Bonne journée!