Sunday, September 16, 2012

Morocco's Tissa Horse Festival 2012 - A Reminder

A reminder that the Tissa Horse Festival 2012 edition begins on the 19th and runs through until September 23.  Below is all the information you need in order to make the trip - It is a fantastic day out, so don't miss it! 

Getting there
The easiest way to get to Tissa on time for all the action is to catch the bus provided by Plan-it-Fez. The vehicle will depart each day (from the 19th to 23rd September) from Batha (outside Batha Poste) at 7am arriving Tissa at 8am.

For the return journey the bus will be departing Tissa at 3.30pm for arrival in Fez approx 4.30pm.

The price per person is 350 Dirham. Please note: this must be paid in cash. A minimum of five passengers are required for the bus to depart - so make sure you bring your friends!

Most important:   People MUST book 2 days in advance by emailing Plan-it-Fez.    


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