Friday, October 26, 2012

Celebrating Eid in Fez - 2012

Today in the Fez Medina was a day for the family, for going to the Mosque and for celebrating Eid. From early in the morning people were gathering to complete the last minute tasks and in some cases to bring home a last minute sheep.  

Outside a cafe in Rcif, a man tries to get his last minute sheep home

The View from Fez team were out and about in the Medina and celebrated Eid with our friend Thami and his family. Our day was typical for many in the Medina.

The moment of sacrifice
Old and young - Thami's son Hamza watches with his grandmother
The wonderful lace-like patterns of the stomach-lining - washed and dried
An unusual find - felt balls from the stomach of a "carpet-eating" goat
Suzanna Clarke loads up the skewers
Thami cooking in his lounge room - not an everyday sight
The cooked pieces of heart and liver wrapped in stomach lining - delicious!

Meanwhile, out on the streets the scene is more basic. The heads of the sacrificed animals are donated to local boys who have a great deal of fun cooking them, often on an old metal bed frame. As one passing tourist remarked, 'this is not something I have ever seen before, anywhere. It is an amazing sight - like a scene out of Dante.'

The skins of the animals quickly become items of commerce and within an hour of the first sacrifice they are piled up ready for sale and transport.

During the first few hours of the celebrations most people are at home, but around one in the afternoon, the streets again fill with people going to and from the Mosques. 

The Eid celebration will continue for the next few days and we wish our readers Eid mubarak said.

Photographs: Sandy McCutcheon


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