Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fez - A Long Exposure

Last Wednesday the ALC-ALIF Photography Club was out and about - exposing themselves. Literally. Members took the opportunity to learn how to control the shutter speed and what compositions get the best results. The workshop was run by ALIF student Jacob Schwoerer.

Omar Chennafi, who runs the ALC-ALIF Photography Club through the American Language Center, was very happy with the results. "It was such great time especially because everyone was enjoying it and learning new skills. One of the most interesting things for me, is that there are some girls who participate in this workshop. It was different as well, as it was late evening and the first time that we did a night session.

"The workshops mean a lot for me because the club becomes a way for many people to express themselves without someone judging them. I am happy that I can see the new generation taking new action and new vision that reflects their own life style."


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Aneda said...

Is there any possibility to join to any workshops of ALC-ALIF Photography Club?