Thursday, October 04, 2012

Saturday's Live Music in Fez

If you would like a chance to hear live music, performed in a traditional Moroccan riad, then head along to the ALIF Riad, (6 Derb Drissi, Batha, Fez Medina) at around 6pm on Saturday 

Regular readers of The View from Fez will be aware of the scholarly work of musicologists Witulski and Murphy. Both are Fulbright scholars and both are regular contributors to The View from Fez.

 Murphy and Witulski on the road in Morocco

Although Witulski and Murphy have performed in a variety of lineups in Morocco, on Saturday they will be joined in their ALIF riad performance by a third musician and the debate rages as to the name of the group. Favourite at the moment is " The Murphy Witulski Trio"  - but, bad jokes aside, do check them out on Saturday.

The duo in more classical mode
This Saturday is also a special celebration. It’s the one year anniversary of the ALC-ALIF Photography Club. The photographic exhibition is open to the public from 4.30 PM.


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linda said...

Sounds wonderful - hopefully I will catch this next time I'm in Fez.