Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Moroccan Fez ~ on the road in Australia

Regular readers of The View from Fez may remember that we recently reported on an ancient Fez that left Morocco and has turned up some forty years later on the head of a cigar shop proprietor in Helsinki, Finland. Today we bring you another story of the travels of not one, but sixty, Fez hats.

Over the years, millions of Fezes are purchased by tourists and taken to their home countries. The View from Fez admits complicity in the production and transportation of 60 of them to the "Humour Valets of Australia". All the hats were made here in Fez, including the extraordinary super-fez, worn by Jean-Paul Bell.

The Humour Valets and Jean-Paul Bell

The Humour Valets are the brainchild of the  Arts Health Institute in Australia who they have created a "Fezbian movement" - taking Fez wearing performers into aged-care facilities. Jean-Paul Bell, known as the Grand Poo Bar Fez, reports that the Institute is thriving with close to 70 performers.

Jean-Paul in the super-fez, with Australian Actor, Jack Thompson

Read more about the great work of the Arts Health Institute and the Humour Valets here: The Healing Power of the Fez!


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