Wednesday, November 07, 2012

More Yoga Classes in Fez - Community to Benefit

While there are now a number of yoga and exercise classes on offer in Fez, United States Peace Corps Volunteer, Samantha Matty, will be offering something different  - yoga classes at Café Clock in Fez with the proceeds going to assist to local community groups in need.

Classes will be held on Fridays and Sunday at 9.30 am. The cost per class is sixty dirhams (which includes an after class smoothie) and all proceeds from classes will support local organisations that work with vulnerable populations. At this stage the organisations to benefit are still being decided, but it is hoped that sufficient funds will be generated to do more than simply buy yoga mats for women in a women's shelter. There are many charities in Fez, such as the orphanage and the girls' home, that are in desperate need of assistance.

Ms Matty has over 10 years of experience in practicing various types of yoga as well as a Master of Social Work degree. Matty is interested in the relationship between yoga and the influence it has on one’s emotional and physical health. Samantha Matty strongly believes that yoga has benefits for everyone and that yoga should be accessible for all. She hopes to build a vibrant yoga community in Fez.

She will be teaching Vinyasa-style (connecting breath with movement) yoga that will be accessible for all levels. Classes will be taught using a variety of sequence of poses to free both the mind and body with an emphasis on strength, flexibility, and flow.

Call in to Cafe Clock for more details, or visit their site.


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