Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nearly 400 Fake Guides Arrested in Fez

According to a headline in a French language publication, "Fès : Près de 400 faux guides déférés devant la justice durant les cinq premiers mois de l'année en cours". It was good news. "Fez: Nearly 400 fake guides brought to justice in the first five months of the year"

Make sure your guide has an official badge!

For tourists in the Fez Medina this was a great result. According to the report, a  total of 398 false guides have been brought to justice for theft and fraud, during the first five months of the year. The statistics come from the Tourist Brigade of Fez.

The number of false guides arrested last May, however, experienced a significant decline (68), in comparison with the number (110) arrested in April, said the Brigade.

The report went on to explain that these false guides were arrested in places most frequented by tourists, such as hotels, tourist sites and monuments, souks, bazaars, squares and bus and railway stations.

The same brigade, located within the tourist police headquarters in Fez, arrested of 128 others for various offenses as well as some 68 individuals described as "insane".


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