Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music 2013 - Festival Program

While the program for the Fes Sacred Music Festival 2013 is still in development, we can bring you the provisional details and take a look at some of the great artists scheduled to appear. 

This year's festival looks set to be an amazing experience. The focus on Andalusia allows a wide range of music and dance. 

The opening night spectacular promises to be a vibrant explosion of Andalusian forms including dance from the great flamenco exponent Andrés Marín.

Andrés Marín

 "I dance the way I feel. I like cante a lot, I like music, I like the combination. But I don't like flashy junk. And I don't like phoniness either. Express yourself as you are, but don't try to fool people. I like dance that comes from the gut, that hurts. I like real dancing. I that doesn't mean to dance better or worse than anyone, but to dance being true to who you are. For me that merits more respect. I don't know what I contribute. I dance to the music, I think about it a lot, I'm concerned about the poetic verses. Each year that goes by I like minimalist things better... less is more. There was a time that I had to fill in every little spot. There wasn't a single empty moment. "- Andrés Marín.

 Carmen Linares
Also taking part in the opening will be  Carmen Linares. This is the stage name of Carmen Pacheco Rodríguez. Born in 1951 in Linares, Jaén Province, she is known as one of the finest flamenco singers in Spain. She came to Madrid with her family in 1965.

Amina Alaoui

Opening night will also be a chance to hear Amina Alaoui. Amina is a much loved favourite and one of the most important Moroccan interpreters of Andalusian classical music. She sings in Arabic, Classic Persian, Haketia, Spanish, and Portuguese. Amina was born in 1964 in an aristocratic family in Fez, Morocco. She will also be performing on the second of the "nights in the Medina" on the 11th, when she will be at Dar Mokri.

Here is the rest of the provisional programme. A pdf version is available for download here

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