Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Major North-South Forum in Marrakech

North South Forum, a Florida-based Think Tank institute, have announced that they will be organizing North South Forum 2013 International Conference at Palmeraie Hotel Resorts Palais des Congres in Marrakech - under the theme "Rethinking North + South Trade & Development Cooperation Model". The conference will run March 11 to 13, 2013.

According to the organisers, "North South Forum 2013 is a 3 days conference with plenary workshops, exhibitions, delegate access one-on-one business meetings and discussions projects. You will Have the opportunity to meet great contacts, Shareholders Such as heads of state, Ministers, congressmen, ambassadors, directors and resources from around the world, international agencies (World Bank, UN, FAO, G20, OECD, EU, ​​BRIC, GCC APEC, Africa nations etc.) as well as executives from global financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds, investment organisms and top tier global corporations, enterprise federations and international chambers of commerce of selective Alongside NGOs."

International conferences are not only venues for exchanges of idea and for networking, but they are also big business and one in which there is fierce competition.  The use of images such as the one of Bill Clinton adds a certain gravitas to a conference. Yet, at this stage Clinton is not on the guest list.

That said, the list of invitees is impressive, although many are still to be confirmed.

At this stage confirmations have been received from (among others) Prof. Thomas J Sargent, Co-Winner of Nobel 2011 Economics Prize, Kim Campbell Canada's 19th Prime Minister, Jacques Attali - Founder of European Bank of Reconstruction & Development(BERD),Dr. Amani Abou-Zeid, Representative of the African Development Bank in Morocco, Almas Jiwani, President of UN Women Canada, Hamid Ben Elafdil CEO, Regional Investment Agency - Casablanca, Soad Sbai, Italian Parliament Deputy, Rome, Dr Philippe Douste-Blazy, Chair of the Board - UNITAID - Geneva, Sir Howard Davis, Former Director of the London School of Economics, Mohammed Nizar Choucair, President of the Association of Chambers of Commerce of the Mediterranean region (ASCAME) Lebanon; Marta Moya Diaz, Chief of the Section of Commerce EU Delegation in Rabat, Joumana Cobein, Head of IFC Maghreb - Rabat, Kingsley Aikins, President and Chief Executive of the Global Fund Ireland - Expert in Diaspora - Ireland

The conference was to have been held in October last year, but according to Hassane Alaoui Mdarhri, President & CEO of the North South Forum, the change was necessitated by the political upheavals at the time.
Mission Statement
The mission of North South Forum is to rethink the paradigm of the North + South Trade & Development Cooperation Model and help reshape Southern countries' global market positioning in the context of fast moving globalization. North South Forum will strive to add value and bridge the gap between North and South by engaging Governments, the Private, the Private Sector, Multilateral Agencies, Financial Institutions and NGO's. North South Forum is an open, independent and impartial International Organization with no political or religious affiliations.
For further information"
- Homepage: http://www.northsouthforum.org/index.php
- Speakers: http://www.northsouthforum.org/speaker.php
- Agenda: http://www.northsouthforum.org/agenda.php

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