Thursday, March 14, 2013

Four Storey Building Collapses in Fez

Disturbing reports tell of a major building collapse in the Hassani area of Fez just outside the Medina. The building is believed to have come down around eight this morning


A 4-storey building collapsed yesterday at Hay Hassani neighborhood in Fez, but no casualties, according to local authorities. The building, which houses nine families of 35 people, collapsed under the weight of heavy rains that fell in recent days in the city of Fes and its region, said the source.

Authorities have issued an evacuation order to the occupants of the building and those of several neighbouring dwellings, which are in the same situation of decay.  They say the other houses are at the risks of collapse.

Eye witnesses told The View from Fez that the building, a residential apartment block had been destroyed and that a large number of police and rescue services personnel were on the scene. It is not clear at this stage how many people were injured or killed.

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The building was at Bznqh 4 in Hassani Fez and it is reported that there has so far been no loss of life.

We are told that a search process is still ongoing under the rubble and has recovered equipment, mattresses, and the belongings of families living in five apartments. It is understood that everyone was evacuated before the collapse, which occurred about eight o'clock in the morning.

After the collapse, dozens of citizens began an angry protest march which arrived at the Amer royal palace Amer, before troops intervened to disperse them.

A victim being carried from a building collapse in 2010

One of the most likely causes of the tragedy is the amount of rain in the past week.  In the last few years a number of buildings in and around the Fez Medina have collapsed after extremely wet weather.

In Tangier 18 areas of the city have sustained flood dammage and disruption of essential services due to the heavy rains.

One positive effect of the rains is that officials have told The View from Fez that Morocco's water storage in dams has reached 87%.

It was back on March 5th that the problem of buildings under threat was highlighted by HM Mohammed VI when he presided over the signing ceremony of agreements relating to the restoration and rehabilitation of historical monuments and addressing buildings in danger of collapse within the old medina of the city.

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