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Future Warriors will be born in Fez

Christophe Tendil, left, wins a fight
This weekend Fez is fortunate to host a boxing and kickboxing workshop by former World Champion in both sports, Christophe Tendil 
The workshop, to be held on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings at Jardin des Biehn, is an extraordinary opportunity. Tendil is a veteran boxer, with nine titles under his belt – three times French kickboxing champion (1992, 1993, 1994), one time European Champion (1995) and World Champion in kickboxing in 1997 and 1998. Later in his career, he moved to mainstream boxing, where he also excelled. Tendil was crowned French champion in 2002; Intercontinental champion in 2004 and 2005 and World Champion in 2007.

“I started boxing 20 years ago,” says Tendil from his home in the south of France. “At that time I absolutely needed to do a sport, as I was taking the wrong turn in life with the wrong crowd. Boxing came by chance, and thanks to this discipline I found a healthy way of life. I fought my first fight a few months after I started, and since then have had a total of 122 fights in a career spanning 17 years.”

Boxing, Tendil believes, has more uses than simply as a sport. “Many people come to seek a discipline that is not found in any other sports - taking punches requires commitment, because the penalty can be very hard.”

Not surprisingly, Tendil cites the best moment of his career as when he won the boxing title of World Champion in 2007.

Yet, it was a career that almost didn't happen. Back in 1993, Tendil was badly injured in a serious car accident, including fracturing his cervix and several verterbrae in his neck. He had to have a steel plate inserted. After this, he was forbidden form pursuing any sport, including boxing. However, Tendil was so determined, he managed to persuade a doctor that without boxing his life would not be worth living, so he was given the medical certificate he needed to continue.

Tendil's comeback was, “very hard” he says, “but boxing became better for me. Despite my disability, I succeeded…and four years later I became World Champion.”

In his early career, Tendil concentrated on kickboxing, and then later moved to boxing. “The difference in the disciplines is huge, as kickboxing can use the hands and feet; rules allow the striking of all targets in the body and legs, while in boxing, only fists above the waist are used…I don’t really have a preference…what I like is the battle.”

Tendil says that during his workshop in Fez, “we will explore these disciplines through different techniques. Also the physical challenge will take an important role in this course, which I hope will allow people to excel and to set future goals.”

The focus will be on improving muscle strength, cardiovascular resistance and flexibility, speed, power, and balance. The goal will be to establish a sports program tailored to the needs of individual participants, taking into account their level of fitness, age and what type of sports they practice.

Tendil has run a variety of workshops in different places, and says, “people not only learn something, but have a lot of fun and conviviality; without forgetting the mental side that comes with the discipline.”

“Future warriors will be born,” he promises.

What: Boxing and kickboxing workshop
When: March 23, 24 and 25 from 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM
Where: Jardin des Biehn, 13 Akbat Sbaa, Douh, 30200, Fez Medina 
Info : 0664 647 679 or
Cost: 600 dirhams

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