Monday, March 18, 2013

Helping the Helpers in Fez

This Saturday is an unusual conference - Social Entrepreneurship and the Spirit of Voluntary Work
Organiser Said El Azhary says voluntary work is not common in Morocco and he wants to encourage more people to collaborate in helping others. Starting in the city of Fez, which has long been regarded as the spiritual capital of Morocco, "we want to wake people up", he says. "Let's make the world beautiful".

More than 40 participants are expected to attend the free three hour conference, which begins at 3 PM. Along with Mr El Azhary, speakers include Ismail Alaoui, who is a specialist in social media and will talk about personal branding and getting your message out, and Mustapha Bakkli, President of MAFE, Moroccan Association of Friends of English, whose talk is titled Bridges to Success.

Mr El Azhary says his first experience of voluntary work was when he became a host for the Couch Surfing organisation, and met many Americans, who regarded voluntary work as an important part of their education and personal growth. It was then he decided to encourage more people in Morocco to get involved and began the organisation Ambassadors for Voluntary Work.

When: Saturday March 23 from 3 PM to 6 PM
Where: American Language Center, 2 rue Ahmed Hiba, Fez. (Ask the security guards or the front desk which room.)
Cost: Free 

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