Saturday, March 09, 2013

"I Remember" ~ A Unique Musical Event in Fez

As part of the France-Morocco cultural season, with the support of the French Institute of Paris, the French Institute of Morocco are presenting "I Remember" - With twenty-two singers coming together to create a unique and unprecedented musical event.

Great musicians from the French and Moroccan music scene are getting together and singing their first musical memories. The subjective memory of the twenty-two performers on both sides of the Mediterranean is the theme and the raw material for this Franco-Moroccan creation.

Eleven selected French singers, arriving in Morocco March 6, , will join their counterparts, eleven Moroccan artists chosen for an artist residency of 10 days. Thus, eleven pairs, in eleven cities across the country will experience the soul of this creation, completely new and imagined around their songs.

"I sing because one day. . . I heard singing, "it's about the answer to this question that will arise creating "I remember." "If I sing, it is because one day I heard ...": memory is at the center of creation, the memories are solicited, shared or transmitted.

In Fez Jeanne Added and Anass Med El Issmaeli will perform today (Saturday, March 9), 19h, Dar Batha. Admission is free

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