Tuesday, March 12, 2013

King Mohammed VI Donates Blood at New Transfusion Centre in Fez

This week Morocco's King Mohammed VI not only inaugurated a new regional centre for blood transfusions but went the extra step of donating his own blood to mark the launch of Morocco's national blood donation campaign.
The King donates blood in Fez
The new campaign has an appropriate slogan: We can be heroes - every blood donation can save three lives.

The nationwide initiative seeks to raise public awareness of the importance of blood donation and at the same time to collect a blood bank security stock for a 4 week-consumption (40,000 donations) and to increase by 28% the number of donations for 2013.

The campaign, estimated to cost around 12.5 million dirhams, will mobilise 37 blood collection teams with total membership of 185 health professionals. There will be an additional 46 executives tasked with overseeing and supporting the campaign. Donation operations will take place in 16 regional blood transfusion centres, 13 blood banks and 24 transfusion branches across the Kingdom, in addition to three mobile collection units.

The regional centre for blood transfusions in Fez, cost 6 million dirhams, and is intended to meet the growing need for different types of labile blood products, particularly for the Hassan II University Hospital. The new facility includes a consultation room, a blood sample room, a meeting room and an archives room, in addition to laboratories for production, labeling, quality control, and serology.

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