Sunday, March 31, 2013

Morocco ~ Another View of Easter

Easter in Morocco? Yes, there are Easter eggs, and rabbit (just ask your local butcher).  In most cases however it is more a question of chickens (coloured) than eggs.

It's understandable that some of the local Moroccans find Easter a rather confusing idea. As one Moroccan told The View from Fez, "First it was a pagan festival, then a religious festival and now a commercial festival, like Christmas".
Finally, we are in debt to the many readers who saw the image below on the internet and decided it was healthy (rational) food for thought while you munch on easter eggs and heat up the Easter-bunny rabbit stew...

Whatever your belief - we wish you a happy and peaceful Easter.

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'abdul muHib said...

So, no mention of the religious component of the 'eid? I mean, I don't expect VFF to focus on the Xian minority here, but when talking about one of our festivals, it would be nice to acknowledge that there *were* actually events that took place in regards to that festival. Imo.

The View from Fez said...

We do cover both Eid festivals, Ramadam and various mousems in depth. But thanks for your comment.


Anonymous said...

The most important part of the story is the Ishtar info. Thanks, It makes great sense. For too long the "Official" church of the Xians have been peddling myths as fact, and not only there own myths but taking those of other faiths.
Thank you for provoking much talk and discussion in our home :)

Ali wa Amina

Hassan said...

What did he mean by saying you had not mentioned the religious component? You mentioned the eggs and the rabbits!