Monday, March 25, 2013

Understanding Hammam Heritage

Hammam al Hussaynia - Cairo 2008 (Photo: Dr. Magda Sibley)
A lecture this Wednesday at 5 PM at the American Language Center will explore the architectural and cultural significance of the hammam
Hammams, or bath-houses are an important part of Moroccan culture; in common with other countries such as Turkey and those in the Middle East. They are not only a place where people can relax and socialise while getting clean, but also have architectural significance.

On Wednesday Dr Magda Sibley, from the Manchester Architecture Research Centre at The University Of Manchester, will deliver a lecture, Learning from the past, innovating for the future: Lessons of Sustainability from Courtyard Housing & Public Baths in North African and Middle Eastern Heritage Cities.

Dr Sibley has been researching hammams and courtyard housing in the heritage cities of North Africa and the Middle East from 2007 and 2012, and has written books and lectured widely about them. Her research examines how these two types of buildings, inherited from Roman times, have contributed to cultural, social and environmental urban sustainability and how they can be of benefit in the future.

She teaches architecture and urbanism and her approach aims to increase students' awareness of buildings as part of urban landscapes and contexts rather than single sculptural objects.

When: Wednesday March 27 at 5 PM
Where: American Language Center, Room 1, 2 Rue Ahmed Hiba

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