Sunday, April 28, 2013

Daylight Saving in Morocco ~ Many Workers Caught Out

At 2am this morning Morocco switched its clocks forward one hour. Unfortunately the change was not well publicised and managers of several businesses and construction workers on a number of building sites around the Fez Medina reported that workers turned up an hour late, unaware that the clocks had changed.

The Minister of Public Services, Mr. Abdeladim El Guerrouj, said that the time change.. “will take place automatically and without any official statement.” But as building supervisor Rachid told The View from Fez, "It would have been nice if someone had told us."

Once again this year Morocco and split daylight saving into two parts: before Ramadan and after Ramadan. The clocks revert one hour during Ramadan. The exclusion from daylight saving during Ramadan is a peculiar anomaly because Ramadan times do not rely on clocks but on sightings of the moon.

Clocks are expected to be turned back to standard time at 3am (03:00) on Tuesday, July 9 to mark the beginning Ramadan. The start of the second daylight saving period will coincide with the end of Ramadan on Thursday, August 8. On this day, clocks will again be advanced by one hour at 2am (02:00) local time to 3am (03:00).

Daylight saving will end at 3am (03:00) on Sunday, September 29, 2013, when clocks will be turned back one hour to standard time.

Travellers would be well advised to check any departure times for transport as there have been cases in the past when airlines have failed to notify passengers of the change to daylight saving.

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