Thursday, April 04, 2013

Horsing Around Fez ~ A Photo Essay

Leave the densely packed Moroccan city behind and head for the hills on horseback, suggests Suzanna Clarke 

Horse riding is a leisurely and enjoyable way to take in the vibrant spring growth and spectacular landscapes of the Fez-Boulmane region. Our weekend expedition began on the top of Mt Zalagh - the mountain not far from Fez. On our obliging mounts, we meandered into the valley below, through olive groves and fields of flowers replete with gambolling lambs, kestrels flying overhead and friendly waves from farmers along the way.  

Our small party camped out overnight, and in the morning we were greeted with a sea of cloud below, which made us feel literally on top of the world.

Dinner and breakfast were locally produced fare. There are few things that enhance the appetite more than fresh air, a beautiful view and the prospect of another day's riding.  

Suzanna Clarke's horse riding trip was arranged through the Centre Equestre Ain Amyer. 
It included horse hire and equipment, a guide, food and accommodation and transfers to and from Fez. For more information, phone 06 61 174404 or or contact

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Krissy Wood said...

So gorgeous! Love the photos!