Monday, April 29, 2013

Melhun Festival in Rcif Cultural Centre

Eleventh edition of the Festival of Melhun in Fez

When Cinema Amal in Rcif closed a couple of years ago the promise was that the building would be turned into a cultural centre. Now we can report that this has happened and this week has been the venue for a series of Melhun related events including music and poetry 

In its poetic or musical form, Melhun is a typically Moroccan genre where many elements of literature and the Moroccan arts converge and are underpinned by the rhythms of Andalous music (the zajal) and popular melodies. 

The melhun, originally a pure literary creation, emerged as a poetic art today known in Morocco under the name of "qasida" (meaning "poem") (Arabic: القصيدة) or "zajal" (Arabic: الزجل). Combined with music, it quickly spread across the country where it acquired fame particularly among artisans.A true poetic art, Melhun is the most elaborate form of poetry that exists in Moroccan Arabic.  Melhun is also the music of the city’s artisans. It was traditionally sung by the tanners, bakers, coppersmiths and others. Melhun has a considerable repertoire of poems written in Moroccan Arabic.

Mohamed Souss, a melhun master is introduced to the audience
A knowledgeable audience appreciates the concert 

The stars of melhoun music were all present and the likes of Fouad Amri, Mohammed Soussi, Mohamed Njioui, and M'hamed El Hadri were all in top form.

The festival continues today with a concert in the Fez Prefecture Hall.

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