Sunday, April 21, 2013

Workshop in Fez: The Art of Arab Berber Movement

From April 28 to May 2, an Algerian choreographer based in Paris is offering a movement workshop with a difference. Saida Naït-Bouda calls it Oriental Energetic Technique 
Choreographer and teacher Saida Naït-Bouda
"This new method is the result of my research on the fundamental elements of the North African cultures and it is meant for everyone", Naït-Bouda says. 

The classes, which will take place daily on the roof terrace of Riad Fes, are"a kind of yoga for all". She explains that the technique uses the breath energy to connect with specific points of the body. "It's developed from three aspects of reflection on the dances of North Africa. It's based on Berber anchoring, Arab science and trance rituals."

Naït-Bouda says it can also be a form of healing. "Through fun exercises each person can take over the movement according to her or his abilities and level."

These classes are part of a larger dance workshop, and are available separately from other activities.

Naït-Bouda is an Algerian artist born in France, who has absorbed multiple influences including classical and contemporary dance, as well as Japanese Butoh technique. However, her special area of research is the dances of North Africa.

Since 2000, Naït-Bouda has created a series of dances, projects in schools and workshops. Her performances included The Barbary, and Made in Taiwan. From 2008 she lived in Mali for four years, and out of this came her performance Memory of the woman mare, performed in Paris in 2011. To see part of this performance CLICK HERE.  

"My workshop in Fez is dedicated to re-centering, space orienting, connecting with oneself and the others and grasping a collective ritual where body and mind participate," she says.

"Dance becomes a process of transformation and change."

What: Oriental energetic technique classes
Who: Men and women welcome
When: Daily from April 28 to May 2; 8.30 AM to 10 AM
Where: Terrace of Riad Fes, 5 Derb Ben Slimane Zerbtana, Fes Medina
Cost: 150 dh per class
More info: or  
In Paris + 33 6 95 77 34 93 or in Morocco +212 623 629 493 (from April 26)

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