Thursday, May 02, 2013

Moroccan Artisans and the Things They Make

Photographs by Jake Warga have been featured on The View from Fez in the past (see example here). Now he has produced a wonderful series of photographs of Moroccan artisans and the work they produce. 

Jake is an award-winning independent journalist currently based in Seattle. He has an M.A. in Visual Anthropology and a unique sensitivity and curiosity about the many cultures he visits around the world. 

With a microphone in one hand, a camera in the other, he collects stories for Public Radio and images for various outlets - including The View from Fez.

The photographs above were taken at a carpet co-op in Fez, a wood working co-op in Essaouira and a welding workshop in Essaouira

In his own words:

I was asked in January by the Morocco Tourism Bureau to photograph the major sites in Morocco and proposed this series about Artisans. The connection between people and the things they make is an intimate one, something I noticed right away in Morocco, along with such a variety of crafts and places for artisans to practice it. I approached co-ops and various people to participate, to shed light on the artisans that make all the creative and authentic objects I now find myself surrounded by back home.

You can see more of Jake's work here: Artisan Series
Jake's website

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Kahenas said...

Having the artisan and their creation side by side makes it much more personal! Very interesting take.