Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Majlis Trio in Fez

France's Majlis Trio hold their first Moroccan concert at Riad Zany
Thibaut Rocheron (percussion) Léo Fabre-Cartier (oud) and Aline Haelberg (violin) 
Friday night in Fez saw a large crowd turn up to Riad Zany for another concert. This time it was the premier performance in Morocco of the Majlis Trio. Rain had been threatened, but thankfully the night remained pleasantly warm and dry.

Provide the music and Moroccans will dance!

The rich repertoire of traditional oriental music from Turkey, Greece, Syria, Egypt, Azerbaïdjan and Arab-Andalusian music from the Maghreb was enthusiastically received by both Moroccans and visitors from France, Australia, America, Poland and The Gambia. It was also pleasing to see several on the ball guest house owners bringing their clients for the evening.

As promised the music was accessible and enthralling with splendid performances by all three musicians. A good sound balance and the near perfect acoustics of the riad ensured that even the most subtle grace notes were crystal clear and not lost beneath the percussion.

Seated on chairs, carpets and cushions, the fifty or so visitors were treated to mint tea and an array of chocolate confections and cakes. As an Australian visitor put it, "To witness such fine music in such a beautiful setting was the highlight of my overseas holiday".  Polish members of the audience had brought along Polish translations of A House in Fez, for Riad Zany's owner, Suzanna Clarke to sign.

A section of the audience enjoying the concert

If you missed the concert, the popularity of the trio is such that a second concert will be held at Fez Cafe on Sunday (May19) with an entry fee of 30 dirhams per person.

Reservation for dining is essential
Le Jardin des Biehn
13 Akbat Sbaa Douh
30110 - Fez Medina - Morocco
Port: 00212 (0) 664647679

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