Friday, June 14, 2013

On the Fes Festival Fringe Today...

Opening of Le Muzoo: a traveling museum conceived by Sinéangulo at Palais Mokri (not "Dar Mokri").  Sinéangulo's adventure is composed of fresco, tent, clothes, collected stones…

from a series "Jnan Sbil (Freedom Garden)", 2013, Megumi Matsubara © Yassin Houari
         In the middle of the desert,
        I laid myself on the ground of sand.
        I was small - much smaller than I imagined myself could ever be.

        I thought, my footprint would make absolutely no difference, let alone my   teardrop.
        Just at that moment, a drop of tear touched the sand.
        It quickly became solid.
        Carefully, I touched it. It was still solid.
        I put it on my hand.
        When the tear vaporized, the sand remained.
        It was much more than I imagined a drop of tear could ever weigh.

                                ~  A footprint on a desert, Megumi Matsubara, June 2013

Vernissage: 6pm Fri 14th June 2013
Location: Palais Mokri, Ziat, Fes
Exhibition period: until the 15th of June 2013 open everyday 11am - 4pm entrance free
Location: Palais Mokri, Ziat, Fes
Artists: Aroa Escobero, Salima Abdel Wahab, Youssef el Yedidi, Aziz Amrani, Charlie Case, and Megumi Matsubara
Organised by: Michel d'Yve & Juliette Emsens

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