Monday, June 10, 2013

Tariqa Habibia ~ A splendid performance at Fes Festival of World Sacred Music

Tariqa Habibia (Taza)

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music continues to provided wonderful concerts for devotees of Sufi music. Last night' Sufi performance at Dar Tazi continued with the theme of leading a positive life.

Tariqa Habibia are from  Taza in northern Morocco, which occupies the corridor between the Rif mountains and Middle Atlas mountains, about 120 km east of Fes. The tariqa (brotherhood) is led by Slimani Hamid, singing poetry by their founder Habib Darkawi, encouraging love and cooperation between people and communities.

Originally from Meknes, with branches in Algeria, Tunisia, Wajda, and a separate women’s group, Tariqa Habibia's vocals ranged from powerful unison chanting, through to electrifying passages of a unique style of shifting and shimmering hum, resolving into ongoing harmonies. The atmosphere built steadily to an uplifting evening that left the listeners, both Moroccan and international guests, smiling warmly.

Text and photograph: Gabe Monson

Coming up at the Sufi Nights

Monday June the 10th: Tariqa Derkaouia (Azemmour)
A Sufi Brotherhood founded by Sharif Idrisi Moulay Larbi Derkaoui. He was born in 1760 in the Moroccan tribe Beni Bou Zerroual Brih. He was the disciple of the great mystic Moulay Ali Ben Abderrahman El Amrani said Jamal El Fasi who had his zawiya (lodge) in Fes, at a place called Hummat Er-Remula. The doctrine of Moulay Larbi Derkaoui proceeds from tarika Shadhiliyya jazouliya. He died in 1824 in his zawiya Bou Brih where he was buried.

Tuesday June 11th : Marouane Hajji

Wednesday June the 12th: Tariqa Touhamia (Fes)
The Taibia or Touhamia were servants of the sherifs of Ouezzane, who exercised their influence in Morocco and Algeria from the 18th cent.

Thursday June the 13th : Tariqa Hamadcha of Fes
Along with the Gnawa and the Aïssawa, the Hamadcha are one of the three most important so-called ‘popular’ Sufi brotherhoods in Morocco. The Hamadcha brotherhood was founded by Saint Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch in the seventeenth century, and has become famous through the originality of its repertoire, its spellbinding dances, and the trance-therapy skills of its members.

Friday June the 14th : Tariqa Al Ajibia (Tangier)

Saturday June the 15th : Tariqa Ouazzania

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