Friday, July 26, 2013

Riad Security Warning in Fez

Last night thieves broke into Dar Roumana. They obviously knew the property as they went straight to the office and stole a lap top, red petty cash box and took the safe, containing cheque books, keys and a large amount of cash. Some of the cash was business money, some was personal savings as well as savings being stored for staff.

If anyone knows or hears any information which may be of use in capturing the culprits, please contact Dar Roumana. +212 (0)6 60 29 04 04 (mobile) or +212 (0)5 35 741 637

It is a timely warning to look to your own security, in case these people try other guest houses. They managed to break the lock on Dar Roumana's front door - so please make sure your houses and offices are secure, and especially if you are closing for holidays, make sure nothing valuable is left on the property.

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falconhouse said...

Glad you have posted this. Last year, also during Ramadan, Dar Balmira was broken into. The thieves took several birds including one that had been with me for 10 years. It was like loosing a child or a close friend. The police did nothing! Even though I visited the Wilaya again and again, asking for help and providing significant leads.

Like Dar Roumana it sounds like it was somewhat of an inside job. Someone works for you but their real purpose is to case the house and know where anything of value is. They no doubt work in twos or threes.

We now have video surveillance cameras in several places. This is something I highly recommend.

Jearld Moldenhauer
Dar Balmira Gallery