Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Staying Fit While Fasting - Ramadan and Sport

Ramadan and physical exercise

Many Moroccans choose to exercise during Ramadan in order to both stay fit and to keep their weight under control. But there is a debate to be had abour the compatibility of Ramadan and sport.

Football, jogging, weight-lifting or any physical exertion while fasting is not without risks.But then this is the sport and Ramadan are compatible?. A simple question simple answer. "Sport and Ramadan are compatible and even without any risk," says Boujamaa Zahi, a specialist in sports medicine, stressing, however, that there are several "words of caution".

Before starting any exercise program in the searing heat during Ramadan , a doctor's consultation, clinical assessment is needed.

"People who are not accustomed to physical exertion must go slowly and simply walking initially for a period of less than 40 min per day, just before breaking the fast," says the former -doctor of the national football team, currently president of the Moroccan Federation of Sports Medicine. "For the elderly, it is recommended that the sports group to assist each other in case of discomfort, focus on practical outdoor and avoid extreme heat days," advises Dr. Zahi.

During Ramadan another dilemma exists.  For people with diabetes, fasting may be extremely harmful." Normally, sport is highly recommended for diabetics and may even promote hormonal balance, but it depends on the type of diabetes, the patient's age and whether or not there are other health problems," says Dr. Jamila Rhandi, an endocrinologist in Rabat.

"There is no specific sports advise for people with diabetes. Individuals who do not have the habit of sport and who choose to start a sports activity in the month of Ramadan are required to start slowly and pay close attention to their blood sugar levels in the blood."  she added, while stressing the need to break the fast at the slightest concern.

Regarding the favorable period for the sport, Dr. Rhandi advocates that the optimum time to do this is two or three hours after Ftour, the person having eaten and taken a sufficient amount of water, noting that it would be always better to train in quite ventilated areas."The main dangers with diabetes are hypoglycemia and renal failure due to dehydration, I advise people to consult a doctor before Ramadan, to draw to a medical evaluation, choosing a good time in the day for sports and drinking a lot of water after Iftar, "stressed Dr. Rhandi.

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