Friday, August 30, 2013

Martin Pearson Entertains in Fez

A house concert in Fez last night was attended by a wonderfully diverse audience - Moroccans, Austrians, Russians, Germans, Argentinians, Italians, New Zealanders, Britons and Australians. The concert featured folk music, comedy and even some Australian bush poetry.

The fine acoustics in the riad courtyard provided the perfect setting for Pearson's music which included some fine unaccompanied singing and a beautiful rendition on the notoriously difficult low D whistle, of Both sides of the Tweed written by Dick Gaughan.

Martin with the Overton low whistle in D

While some may have had difficulty following the complexities of his joke-laden chats, his humour and warmth needed no translation. When, as an encore, he launched into Cohen's wonderful Hallelujah, the audience were captivated, even more so when he substituted "hallelujah" with the Arabic "humdullilah" - it was a touching and fitting conclusion to another wonderful concert at Riad Zany.

The next Riad Zany concert is expected to be in early October

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