Monday, August 26, 2013

Visiting Performer Plunges into Fez Medina Happenings

One of the wonderful things about living in the Fez Medina is the exposure to the amazing number of events that take place every day. When singer-songwriter, Martin Pearson arrived in Fez, prior to his concert this coming Thursday night, he was unprepared for the whirlwind of happenings. 

Baby-naming events are not Martin's usual gigs! 

Within the space of twenty-four hours Martin and his travelling companion Alex Pryor, had toured the Medina, experienced a traditional Moroccan wedding parade, drank mint tea in Seffarine to the percussive music of the coppersmiths, been taken by the hand through the Medina by an eight year old boy and had supper with a Moroccan family. Then at nine-thirty this morning they took part in a baby-naming ceremony for the new daughter of well known restaurant owner Thami.

Martin Pearson, Alex Pryor and their young guide Si Mohammed
The proud mother shows off her baby daughter

Alex Pryor, who hails from Melbourne Australia, was almost speechless, "It hasn't even been 24 hours and already I have experienced so much joy from experiencing the culture, the sights, colours and smells that make Morocco what it is. Every corner, every face... and the food..."

Martin Pearson was impressed with the acoustics at Riad Zany, but is still pondering which songs he will sing as many in the audience will be Moroccan with limited English. "Maybe the more melodic songs," he said.

Martin checks out the acoustics at Riad Zany

Martin Pearson will be performing on Thursday night at Riad Zany at 8.30pm. Entry is by donation and an escort service will be provided to bring people to the Riad. The meeting place at 8-815pm will be Cinema Amal in Rcif.

For further information and to book a seat (seating is limited) please contact The View from Fez via our contact page .

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FarhlaJamille said...

Can you investigate why the medina has its water turned off for long periods during the day recently?
I would like to know and also inform tour groups why this is occuring