Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A Princess Visits Morocco

The Crown Princess of Denmark  is on a three day visit to Rabat in Morocco. Mary (née Donaldson) was born on the 5th of February 1972 in Hobart, Australia. She is the wife of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark. Frederik is the heir apparent to the throne of Denmark, which means that at the time Frederik inherits the throne, Mary will automatically become Queen consort of Denmark and the first Australian to ascend to the Danish throne! 

The couple met at the Slip Inn, a pub in Sydney, when the prince was visiting Australia during the 2000 Summer Olympics. Their official engagement in 2003 and their marriage the following year were the subject of extensive attention from Australian and European news media, which portrayed the marriage as a modern "fairytale" romance between a prince and a commoner.

A major part for her visit was to look into issues of gender equality and the fight against violence against women. Princess Mary visited the premises of the LDDF in Rabat, which provides support for abused women and girls. Ms Fouzia Assouli, president of the Federation of the Democratic League for women's Rights (FLDDF), said HRH Crown Princess Mary met with abused women who received assistance from the League. She was also brought up to date on the challenges of gender equality and the fight against violence against women. Earlier in the day Princess Mary visited the Court of first instance in Temara, where she inspected the special unit in charge of victims of domestic violence.

Princess Mary visited the LDDF Girls' Centre in Rabat which supports victims of gender-based violence and then on to a women's cooperative where the women were delighted to demonstrate traditional embroidery techniques.

Princess Mary at the King Hassan II Mausoleum

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Anonymous said...

May one say . . . aussie, aussie, aussie :)

Anonymous said...

Nice article :-) But it´s not called Queen consort, we dont have suchs titles i Denmark, its simply just Queen :-)