Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Amazigh Culture Leaps On To Facebook

A few months ago Microsoft Windows 8 announced that it had adapted its systems to include the Tamazight language. Now social media giant Facebook has followed with Tamazight added to a list of new languages available to users

It's official, the Tamazight language is now in use on the social network Facebook. The U.S. giant has decided to adopt the Tifinagh alphabet, allowing Tamazight language status for use on Facebook.

"Thank you all for asking to add your language on Facebook.Tamazight and the Breton and many other languages, have been on our list for some time. We have evaluated, but have added language at various intervals, for several reasons (there are many languages ​​around the world and we just need time to deploy). Thank you for your understanding and use of Facebook" ~ Facebook press release

Across North Africa the Amazigh (Berber) population runs into the millions and this move by Facebook has been applauded by advocacy groups for the Berber language as they continue their fight for the language to be recognised by the institutions of the countries in which they live.  

The largest Amazigh community is in Morocco where they have experienced recent gains in media and social advocacy on behalf of the various Amazigh languages. 

Facebook is reported to have said that the move to include Tamazight was in response to requests from Amazigh groups from around the world.

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