Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hamria "Thursday" Souk - A Trip to the Country

Being a Thursday, The View from Fez team went in search of the nearest country souk (market) near Fez. The village souks are held on specific days each week and are usually named for the day on which they are held. The Hamria Thursday souk was only 40 minutes drive from Fez and a great place to spend the morning

The scenery was an amazing mix of fertile plains and barren hills
Thankfully, we eventually found a sign indicating the way to Hamria
Climbing up to the village gave us views of the fertile valley below
The farmyard architecture comprised low adobe courtyards
Eventually Hamria came into view
The town entrance
Hundreds of butterflies were swarming the town - at times looking like snow!
The souk was a hive of activity
The meat was great quality, cheap and very fresh 
It is hard to imagine what was NOT on sale! 
A "swak" (teeth cleaning bark) seller with a customer 
Want a repair? No problem. We saw a dentist pulling teeth. He declined to be photographed! 
Finally time to sit and have a glass of mint tea and some kefta
And, on the way home, a different view of Fez

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