Sunday, September 15, 2013

Moroccan Dance Classes - Tradition, Fun & Fitness

On Monday at noon, Moroccan dance classes start again after the summer break. They are not only a celebration of life and tradition, but also an excellent workout
Each style of dance tells a story, and the movements offer insight into the people and culture of particular regions. From the dances of the Rif mountains which use canes, to the exuberant jumps and head swings of the Gnawa style, Aicha Hatim Morelli shows her class a wide variety of moves.

"I love wiggling and shaking with a fun bunch of women and getting fit at the same time," says Sue Bail from Riad R'Cif.

Aicha teaches a Moroccan dance class

When: Every Monday from September 16 at 12 pm
Where: Riad Laroussa, 3 Derb Bechara, Fez Medina. (If you call, we can pick you up from Bab Boujloud.)
Cost: 70 dh x 4 sessions, or 80 dh per class
Info: 06 77 31 39 04 

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