Monday, October 14, 2013

Finding Fine Food in Fez During Eid

While a majority of restaurants are closed during the Eid holidays, there are some exceptions

Le Fez Café Restaurant sera ouvert le jour de l'Aid 16/10/2013 à partir de 19h30.
The Fez Café Restaurant will be open the day of Aid 16/10/2013 starts at 19h30.
+212 (0) 5 35 63 50 31 or +212 (0) 6 64 64 76 79.

The Ruined Garden will be closed on Wednesday and at lunch time on Thursday but re-opening at 18.30 on Thursday 17th.
The Ruined Garden sera fermé mercredi et à l'heure du déjeuner jeudi - Nous rouvrirons à 18.30 jeudi 17ème.

Café Clock will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday. There is a slight change on the cultural programme, the movie will be played on Friday instead of Thursday and the jam session is held over until the following week.

Riad Rcif will be open for dinner each evening. Please phone for reservation: 212 (0)5 35 740037

Dar Roumana will be open but you will have to book in advance: +212 535 74 16 37 / +212 660 29 04 04 (mobile)

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