Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Granting Moroccan Citizenship to Foreign Spouses - Proposed Bill

Mustafa Ramid, the Moroccan Minister of Justice and Freedoms, says his ministry will propose a bill that will bring Moroccan men and women closer to equality in regard to Article Ten of the Citizenship Act

At present, according to Minister Ramid (pictured above), “A foreign woman married to Moroccan can, after at least five years of continuous and regular residence in Morocco, apply for Moroccan citizenship.” In accordance with Article Ten of the Citizenship Act, a foreign woman married to a Moroccan man can be granted citizenship under a set of conditions. But a foreign male who is married to a Moroccan woman is still not entitled to be granted Moroccan citizenship.

In response to a question by the Group of Justice and Development MPs at the House of Representatives on “measures taken to enable Moroccan women to grant citizenship to their foreign spouses,” Ramid expressed the hope that the government and parliament will enable this project to come to fruition in the near future.

Ramid stressed that the Ministry proposed this project to the government, taking into account the problems that arise from not obtaining citizenship, especially with regards to residency and the conditions of entry to and exit from the Moroccan territory.

‘We should not subject the components of the same family to different legal systems,” he added.

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