Monday, October 28, 2013

Marjane Pulls Back From Total Alcohol Sales Ban

Contrary to rumours, Marjane Supermarkets have decided not to stop the sale of alcoholic beverages from all of its stores. The Moroccan retail brand still sells alcohol in some of its supermarkets, including its hypermarket Marjane in the California neighbourhood located in Casablanca and Oud Fes in Fez

Only 16 of Marjane's 32 stores would be affected, according to a source close to the management.

The news of the ending of alcohol sales was picked up by news sites in Morocco and overseas. But according to the company it is only the deployment of the new business strategy that the group has been gradually implementing since last year.

In August 2012 , the subsidiary of the SNI, announced the ceasing of the sale of alcohol in three of its stores -  Ain ​​Sebaâ in Casablanca and Marrakech and Massira Khouribga. This brought them into line with other stores belonging to the firm, such as Derb Sultan, which had never sold alcohol.

"This decision has been part of the implementation of a new marketing strategy by the distributor. It is in order to have a space dedicated to the wholesale and semi-wholesale of consumer goods instead of alcoholic drinks," said Nisreen Sebti, Head of Communications at Marjane.

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StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Speaking from the perspective of a European visitor this policy smacks of a decision that has 'sharia' overtones........

Laurie -

Anonymous said...

If Marjane does go ahead with this plan to stop selling alcohol, it may as well close its Agadir Rabat and North Marrakesh branches. Tourists will go elsewhere. Carrefour Supermarkets, expanding in Morocco must be delighted.Anthony, Zagora.