Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Mick Jagger in Fez?

The Fez Medina experienced a buzz of excitement this morning with a rumour that Sir Mick Jagger was visiting the Medina.

The questions on every fan's lips were: where is he staying and for how long?

Unfortunately the rumours were impossible to confirm without a sighting and a photograph. But the latest news is that he is probably staying at the Palais Jamai.

Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones have had a long association with Morocco, but most of it centred in Marrakech rather than Fez.

 The Stones discovered Morocco in the mid-Sixties, lured by the 'anything goes' atmosphere that so fascinated the British. Marrakech became the band's favourite bolthole from the outrage they had unleashed in Europe with their and raw, sexy music.

Jajouka musicians with Mick Jagger

Another Moroccan link is with the Master Musicians of Jajouka whom Mick Jagger claimed to be "one of the most musically inspiring groups still left on the planet."

Fit for Sir Mick? The Palais Jamai in Fez

The View from Fez welcomes any news, photographs and updates.

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Margaret | Destination Here&Now said...

I can confirm he's not in Bathurst for race week.

Anonymous said...

He is staying in the Royal Suite at the Sofitel Palais Jamai, which we found out from inside sources. When we approached their head of guest relations to ask if she could get us an autograph we caused a security alert! They were most disgruntled that we'd tracked Mick down. Sadly, no autograph though.