Monday, October 21, 2013

Moroccan Police Have a Good Fortnight

Police in Casablanca seize a large amount of alcohol . The owner is currently in hiding

Moroccan police have been having a good couple of weeks. In Kenitra: 306 people were arrested in just 11 days, while in Casablanca  drug 72 dealers were arrested in the last 2 weeks

And now news that the police in Casablanca's El Fida Mers Sultan district have discovered  thousands of bottles of alcoholic drinks, including spirits, red wine and beer. The raid took place last Friday.

When the police visited the shop located in Derb El Kebir they uncovered a large amount of alcohol being marketed without authorization from the public authorities. They arrested the manager as he tried to escape and took him to  the police station in Derb El Baladi for questioning.

However, the owner of the illegal grog-shop has done a runner and is the subject of a nationwide search.

According to a local police source, the shop traded at night, to a late hour, to serve what were described as "the thugs".

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