Saturday, October 26, 2013

Naima Lahbil Tagemouati Launches "La Liste" in Fez

A new book was launched in Fez on Friday night by Moroccan author Naima Lahbil Tagemouati. Her first novel, La Liste is in French and is set in Casablanca. It is inspired by the tensions between urban development and how it affects those at the lower end of the social scale

Author Naima Lahbil Tagemouati at the launch of her book, La Liste

 Held at the French Institute in the Ville Nouvelle, Naima's book launch was attended by a well informed audience who asked many questions.

La Liste, as Naima explained, revolves around two characters - Fatima, a mother who is desperately trying to leave the slum where she lives, but is not on the list of beneficiaries for state housing. She encounters Bouchta, and architect, who has just moved to Casablanca. He likes to dress well, go out in the evenings to forget his marriage in crisis and is trying hard to distance himself from his humble origins. However, being involved in the relocation of a slum forces him to confront difficult situations.

Naima has a strong interest in the changing face of urban Morocco, and has used her first novel to explore issues surrounding the pace of change and what it means for those affected. She is Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences in Fez and has published several articles on the medina of Fez.

For those whose French is not up to reading a full length novel, let's hope her book is translated into English!

The audience at the book launch asked many questions
La Liste by Naima Lahbil Tagemouati is published by Editions Le Fennac. To order, CLICK HERE. 

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Anonymous said...

Wish my job hadn't interfered with this, but I'm just happy I could have someone bring me a signed copy. Naima is a such a warm and generous spirit, and I hope her book is a great success.

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to have gotten a signed copy, courtesy of a friend who was able to attend this. Naima is a wonderfully warm and generous spirit, and I hope her book is a great success!