Thursday, October 24, 2013

Welsh Dance - "The Way We Look" - Saturday in Fez

Dance and drawing both create lines in the air. So it seems strange that no-one has put them together - until now. On Saturday, October 26 at 6 PM, a dance performance will take place in Fez which includes them both 

Marega Palser and Company from Wales in the UK are in Fez this week to participate in the International Dance Festival of Fez

The idea behind the piece The Way We Look is that the way a drawing is created and the use of mark making can influence the way a movement develops. But turning this on its head, Palser is also fascinated by how dance can power the impulse to draw.

"It is the link between the world of visual art and dance that I am interested in and how the drawing together of these two mediums can expand and create a niche that attracts an audience from these two areas," Marega says.

Marega is collaborating with four of Wales’s finest movement artists, including Catherine Bennett and Belinda Neave. The dancers and choreographer use their individual styles and experience to provide a subtle and intimate take on the art work and the exhibition space.

On Wednesday a workshop was held with 18 participants, who expressed themselves though movement inspired by the drawn line. 

Marega Palser has a foot in each camp, having trained at the London School of Contemporary Dance and studied Fine Art at the University of Wales Cardiff.

Marega Palser and Company's visit to Fez has been facilitated by Culture Vultures, and supported by the Arts Council of Wales and Wales Arts International. The International Festival of Dance is organised by Babylon Cult Art association.

Please note: We would have given you a full run down on this festival if information had been available to the media by the organisers. (Thanks to Culture Vultures for passing it on!)

What: The Way We Look - dance performance 
When: Saturday October 26 at 6 PM
Where: The Cultural Complex Al Houriya, Ville Nouvelle, Fez

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Kahenas said...

Very interesting concept! Can't wait to see what comes of it!