Friday, November 15, 2013

Coming to Fez? Then Prepare for a Change in the Weather

So far this autumn the weather in Morocco has been wonderful - that is unless you are a farmer wanting some rain. But for tourists the warm days and cool nights have been a real bonus. All that will probably change this coming weekend

Enjoy the sunshine while you can

This week temperatures have ranged between daytime highs in the mid-twenties Celsius and nighttime lows of between eight and twelve degrees.

Saturday the temperatures drop as cloud cover increases and the forecast high for Saturday is only fifteen degrees Celsius. By late evening or early morning it will be a chill four degrees.

On Sunday the rain is expected to arrive and settle in for at least the first four days of the week. During the day temperatures will only reach twelve degrees on Sunday and Monday, rising to fourteen or fifteen on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Chill nights of between five and eight degrees can be expected.

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