Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fez Medina Happenings

A Documentary Month from the French Institute in Fez

 The season of films runs from November 13th to 27th 

Movies at The Clock

Th ursday @ 6pm  
X Chamkar 
Directed by Mahmoud Frites with Ra k Boubker, Said Bey, Majdoline Idrissi. The movie is free and is in Darija with French subtitles. 

Squid and the Whale 
Directed by Noah Baumbach with Owen Kline, Je Daniels, Laura Linney. English with French subtitles. 

Yoga in Fez at Jardin Des Biehn

 Brass Info Hunt

Do you know the origin of this design?

A View from Fez reader is interested to find out any information about the style of brass mortar and pestle pictured above. As this technology has been around since ancient times and in most cultures, the answer may be impossible to find - but we welcome any information - drop a line to The View from Fez, via our contact page.

This evening at 6pm the Julian Vadas exhibition opens at Café 44

Beni Ouarain - a reminder of Fez

Our story on the Beni Ouarain rugs brought a flood of emails from people interested in "real" Beni Ouarain carpets. Including a touching response from photographers and View from Fez contributors Nezha et Gérard Chemit on the island of St Pierre d'Oléron in France
"The Beni Ouarain" in our living room in Oleron. just to know that Fez is still in our hearts - even on an island."

Hunger Games - Fez Cafe closed for two days

Those after a little "garden gastronomy" need to hold off until Friday. Paul Biehn informs us that The Fez Café is closed on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 November.


This week saw the 8th Birthday of The View from Fez and the (not 8th) birthday of View from Fez Arts and Features Editor - Suzanna Clarke. Mabruk!

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