Friday, November 22, 2013

Luxury Cushion Collection Goes on Display in Fez

For the first time this Sunday Fez gets to see the brand new collection of luxury cushions from Tamerlane's Daughters. Today The View from Fez was fortunate to have a sneak preview and found it to be an outstanding collection. There is a wide range of designs and combined with the rarity of some of the textiles, the Tamerlane's Daughters collection is a "must see" this Sunday
Every cushion is a one-off or limited edition

Tamerlane’s Daughters, the London-based luxury fashion label (featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle etc), is launching its first line of accessories this weekend. TD’s designer Karina Duebner calls Fez her second home and has created a collection of luxury cushions that are hand-made and hand-embellished in Fez.

Like the main Tamerlane’s Daughters line, all cushions are crafted from antique textiles, chosen by Karina around the world for their superior condition – Ottoman gold embroideries, Burmese wedding shawls, Japanese obi silks, or Uzbek suzanis and hand-woven ikat and Damascene silks.. Each cushion is one-of-a-kind or part of a limited edition, and features the refined attention to detail the Tamerlane’s Daughters brand is known for.

Each cushion is one-of-a-kind or part of a limited edition, and hand-embellished using traditional Fassi techniques.

Detail from one of the superb cushions 

The designer is opening her Fez studio to the public this Sunday (as well as Sunday December 8 and Monday December 9) to introduce the collection. The entire collection will be available for purchase – a great opportunity pick up a unique Christmas gift, or to spice up your own living room.

Open House: 2 – 7 PM on Sunday November 24, Sunday December 8, and Monday December 9

Exhibition location - Nr13

The exhibition studio at 13 Derb Ben Ziane is a 2 minute walk from each the Jardin des Biehn, Ruined Gardens, Riad Fes and Riad Laaroussa, or a 10 minute walk from Dar Roumana.

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